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Xiaomi Mi6 Seramik 128GB İncelemesi – Review – Screen – Battery – Quick Charge – Time ENGLISH


Here is the Xiaomi Mi6 This is the 128GB Ceramic Version My review will be about this modeli firstly lets have a look what is in the box then I will tell my first impressions simple nice box and we see this beauty we see there is a silicone case including the box It looks cheap but it is nice anyway Manual and the Sim card pin Adapter, Type-C Cable and the Type-C to 3

5mm Jack converter Becasuse no 35mm jack output on the Mi6 Adapter is supported QC 3

0 5V 3A When I hold it, feels really premium and quality Feels little heavy, Ceramic Version is 182grams Buttom, Type-C Output and Loud Speaker right, Power and the volume buttons top, IR transmitter and second microphone IR transmitter is really cool, but no 35mm Jack, I get sad Left, Sim card slots, no micro sd card support 1080p 8MP Front Camera, they used a sony sensor the same as Mi Note 2 And other sensors 3 Capacitive buttons, home button have fingerprint sensor, fastest sensor so far for me

We see 2 Cameras, Main camera can record 4K video, also they used Sony sensor which is very good Second camera, they used Samsung sensors, and we see double tone LED flash We see Mi Logo and some texts 515" FULL HD IPS Panel they used

Overall I liked the quality of this panel I did not satisfied with the Mi Note 2's Screen Unlike, I like the Mi6's minimum brightness and max brightness Colours and viewing angles are very nice there is nothing I can complain about screen 😉 By the way this phone has Global Rom, so there is no problem with the language

About performance, I can not tell much There is Snapdragon 835 CPU One of the fastest CPUs Has 6GB Ram and the Storage Technology is newest No worries about Can I play this game or Can I multitasking ? You can do everything easily 😉 Shortly, A beast looking at the benchmarks Very good scores About storage, they use very new chipset which is one of the fastest

All the components are fast and so the phone is pretty fast As you see 3D Mark Scores About sound and Camera quality, you can check my other video Battery performance, I am satisfied Charging time and Battery drain is just fine for a Amiral ship 3350mAh Battery capacity and you see some times on the screen Overall, I couldn't find much negative things on Mi6 No micro sd support, no earphone output

They included 35mm jack adapter but I would want a headphone jack What I like about this phone, When you hold it it feels really nice and premium Very good screen and I like the Screen on Time, battery performance CPU Performance is also really fast It has stereo speaker sound But not like I expected, You will see on the other video Main camera and Front Camera is quite good, I think very decent for this price

Phone is not waterproof but splashproof so be carefull My impressions are like this and I can say I like this phone actually and the material is nice deserves the money I think Xiaomi did it again! Take care, see you 😉 I am sharing Xiaomi products that on sale, on my Facebook page, you can check 😉