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Xiaomi Mi 6 vs OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Duel Dual-camera Flagship


Dual-camera trend has dominated current smartphone market These smartphones in front of you are the examples

iPhone 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi 6, and OnePlus 5 are the daily drivers of DroidLime team Because they have similarities, especially in the configuration of the camera, we took the initiative to compare them This time, we will not explain details about each of their camera You can see the specifications in the description column All three have dual-camera configuration with telephoto function and portrait mode

To be more exciting, we will present the comparison of the photograph with blind test mode Well first of all, let's compare the outdoor images captured from a moderate distance with Vegeta from Dragon Ball as the object figure Photo number 1 and 3 show colors that are almost similar to deep blue While photo number 2 tends to be brighter and shows the blur effect on the background more dramatically Still with the same photo object, this time we shoot with 2x zoom

It is clear that the detail in photo number 2 is nothing, compared to photo number 1 and 3 Even so, the blur effect on the background is not as dramatic as photo number 1 and 3 To find out which one is the most detailed, we zoom even further, and photo number 3 gives the sharpest result Next, we compare the capability of shooting HDR outdoor It can be seen that the effect of HDR on trees and leaves in photo number 3 is the brightest

But unfortunately, the effect of HDR makes Aishah's beautiful face looks dark While the leaves in the photo number 1 and 2, both are not as bright as the leaves in the photo number 3 But the facial object, at least, still looks more natural Thus, regarding HDR, especially if the object is human, we prefer photo number 2 Now let's test the ability to capture bokeh

Our first scene photograph Aishah Gray's pretty face from a very close distance Detail and bokeh effect wise, photo number 1 looks more natural than photo number 2 and 3 However, the hair area is also affected by the blur effect that it looks blurry Meanwhile, the bokeh effect in the hair area on photo number 2 and 3 looks tidier In the second bokeh scene, we candid photograph Aishah

Again, in term of details of the face, photo number 1 is the most natural, in accordance with the original skin color While on the photo number 2 and 3, the face looks smoother and brighter, as if it has got a beautify effect What you need to know is that, this time, the bokeh effect does not look neat, as seen in photo number 3, specifically in the area of trees here and here Still curious about their capabilities to capture bokeh, we continue by using portrait mode remotely This time, the difference is very apparent between photo number 1 and photo number 2 and 3

Bokeh effect on photo number 1 is much more minimal, but the color of leather and shirt is the most accurate Meanwhile, the photo number 2 and 3 show a very dramatic bokeh effect with warmer colors The effect is so dramatic that the main object looks like it's separated from the backround This time, we shoot two objects in one frame And the result, these three smartphones are equally reliable with neat bokeh results

When viewed carefully, the effect of bokeh on photo number 2 and 3 are slightly more dramatic than photo number 1 However, in term of accuracy of color, photo number 1 is more accurate and natural than photo number 2 and 3 Meanwhile, the face detail in photo number 2 and 3 looks as if it has already been beautified, so much brighter and smoother Now, we're going to be in the final bokeh photo comparison that we take outdoor during the night It's not hard to decide which photo is the best

Yes, as you can see, photo number 3 is the brightest and has minimal noise, followed by photo number 2, and photo number 1 contains the most noise Okay, we still have three other photo comparisons, which are a low-light non-portrait photo and two selfie photos For low light non-portrait photo, we take it in the room with low light conditions It can be seen very clearly that photo number 2 is darker than photo number 3 Photo number 1 is the brightest

Since it is brighter, the object detail in photo number 1 automatically becomes slightly better than photo number 2 and 3 After seeing some photos taken by rear camera, it is time to compare the results of front camera For you who want to look smooth, you would prefer photo number 2 and 3 Of course, photo number 1 is not bad because it can display real and natural skin color Which one is better? Well, that depends of your own taste

While during the night or low light situation, photo number 3 is the brightest, followed by photo number 1 While in photo number 2, the face object is barely visible For the record, photo number 1 and 3 are taken using the help of screenflash This feature is not available on smartphone’s camera number 2 Well, you've seen a variety of photo comparisons with different conditions

Of course, nothing is below the standard because it is equally impressive But if told to choose between photo number 1, 2 or 3, which one do you like best? Photo number 1 is shot by iPhone 7 Plus Photo number 2 is the result of Xiaomi Mi 6’s camera Last but not least, photo number 3 is OnePlus 5’s So, which one do you like best?