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Xiaomi Mi 6 – Unboxing and 1st Impression


hey guys welcome to tech best this arrived today from gearbest a big thank you to them because inside this box is something I've been wanting to test out since its release it is the Xiaomi Mi6 it's a phone with a modest price tag but is packing some serious high-end hardware including a snapdragon 835 and 6 gigabytes of RAM so inside the box we get the phone I've got the black version we get a sim ejector tool and documentation we get a clear case which is always a nice bonus to have this is a USB type-c cable and we also get a USB type-c to three-and-a-half millimeter audio adapter because in a move that is becoming more and more common the mi 6 lacks a headphone jack and lastly we get a fast charger so first impressions this phone is stunning it feels super high-end all glass and metal body you can't easily feel where the joins are even between where the metal frame and glass come together it is a well-built device and with the screen off you can't really tell where the screen edges are as a comparison here is the all-black ZUK z2 and you can tell where the edges of the screen are and it's the same with the all-black Samsung Galaxy a3 2017 edition but with the Mi 6 it almost looks like a pure black device you can't easily see where the screen and the bezels meet as you guys may already know I like all black stealthy looking phones and this one looks stunning it is a fingerprint magnet though as you can expect but thankfully you can get it in a few other color options including a really cool looking blue so specs include a snapdragon 835 six gigs of RAM 64 or 128 gigs of storage and eight megapixel front camera dual 12 megapixel rear cameras 3,350 milliamp hour battery Android 71 and a 5

15 inch 1080p display we also get an IR blaster and NFC so as you can expect performance is top-end my initial run in antutu scored 182 thousand points which is a decent jump over the 152 thousand points by the Snapdragon 821 powered Mi 5s but I will be running some more tests soon so anyway that was just a first look and initial impressions of the Xiaomi mi6 I'll be doing some more testing on the performance and the camera so stay tuned for more videos here on tech best thanks for watching I'll catch you in the next one