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two inbuilt games of android


hi friends this is Krish from Ambujam tech this is my first video of my channel my channel in this video I'm going to show you two inbuilt games of android first turn off your internet connection and head to google chrome take a new tab and search anything in you will see you are offline and click on the blank area and a dino will come this is an awsome game if you have not installed any game and if u have no internet connection and you are feeling bored you can play this game its an awesome game in which a dino is running over the cactus the second game is on the lollipop and marshmallow devices if you have one you can check this out go to settings and in the about phone section you can see the android version you click on the android version randomly click on the android version can see the marshmallow came to my screen around in this marshmallow icn or just tap on it and here we go you got the second game it is an awsome game which android jumps over the two marshmallows you can also play game is there no internet connection or you are getting bored thank you for watching my videos please subscribe and like my channel and support me for new videos bye iam signing out from my new channel.