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Transparent TPU iPhone 7 Cases – Hands On Video – MyTrendyPhone


Hello guys, and welcome to our new video! Let's take a look at these transparent TPU cases for iPhone 7 by Nillkin and by USAMS.

First off Nillkin: as you can see this cases fully transparent, super-thin and feather light.

it has a nice little anti-dust plug down here, a brand name on the back bottom right, and a dotted pattern on the inside of the case.

The phone pops-in rather smoothly.

There's the line-pattern on the sides of the case, to ensure it won't feel slippery once you hold it.

The tactile response of the button covers is also really good.

The cases rim however isn't elevated over the edge of the phone so we would advise you not to put your phone facedown or, get a screen protector like we have here on our iPhone.

You can check a video about that at our channel.

We took the cases outside to check how they look and you can see that Nillkin that rainbow effect when it reflects the light, so keep that in mind if you're going for a full clear case look.

Now, for the Usams: This case is slightly harder and less flexible than the Nillkin's.

Also, it has this aluminum plate that gives the overall design a really nice touch.

Once you snap your case onto the phone make sure you gently press the aluminum plate until it pops into place.

The plate is not really necessary if you don't like it or you preffer a fully transparent look, so you can just as easily go without it.

The plate has a nice big cutout on the bottom and the case itself is made that way so once you put the plate on it looks like a one-piece design.

The case like this doesn't add to the thickness of the phone too much, you don't have to worry about the bulky feel in your hand.

One more thing to mention, the Usams case doesn't have the rainbow effect when it reflects the light.

So overall the cases are pretty similar the only difference would be this bottom aluminium peace and one of the minor differences would be the dust plug on the Nillkin.

Cases like this don't offer too much of an impact protection, but they do fight up dust, scratches, scrapes and fingerprint smudges.

If you like showing off your new iPhone 7's slim, attractive look – this case just might be the right choice for you.

If you like these two cases check the out at our online store the link is in the description box.

This was Becca from MTP, it's always a pleasure guys, thank you so much for watching www.




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