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Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2016 | iPhone & iPad Mobile Games Of 2016


Opening our list of Top 10 iOS Games of 2016is Neon Chrome Hotline Miami meets Ghost In The Shell.

Neon Chrome is a dazzling, infinite top-downshooter with too much neon lights! In this sci-fi adventure, take control ofyour character as he blasts his way through hordes of cybernetic creatures to defeat theOverseer.

The rampage doesn’t end there.

You get to customize your own brand of herowith varying weapons and abilities.

Do you want to be a cyborg assassin? A cyber psycho? Then choose the right skills and marvel inits brutal roguelike action.

According to the game, every death is a newbeginning.

How amazing would that be? It has a PlayScore of 8.

96 9th in the ranking is Good Knight Story For a title with two possible meanings, you’dbe even more amazed at the length of its scope.

Take the role of a brave Knight as he… well,wakes up from a terrible hangover, in a dungeon, with no recollection of how he got there.

In the game, you venture into unknown landsand face deadly creatures only to remember WHAT REALLY HAPPENED during that fateful night.

The joy of this game is its Match-Three combatsystem similar to Candy Crush.

However, the twist is that whenever you matchtiles together, you attack.

It has an RPG feeling to it, making you feellike you’re really battling monsters with each grouped tiles.

Find the enemies weakness and survive overhundreds of fun levels.

It has a PlayScore of 9.

00 Ranked 8th is Jurassic GO – Dinosaur SnapAdventures No, this isn’t Jurassic Park GO.

And no, this isn’t similar to Pokemon Go.

Jurassic GO is a lighthearted adventure toquell your Prehistoric curiosities.

It makes use of the iPhone’s hardware toprovide a fun and fantastic journey.

Your quest? To photograph the most adorable, wildest andrarest dinosaurs of all time! Explore the beautiful landscapes, discoverrare species and build your very own museum.

You receive rewards based on how good yourphoto’s angle is.

Gain experience and upgrade your camera withbetter lenses and more customizations.

Of course, the game is kid-friendly! So how about you tell your little brotheror cousins to play this? It has a PlayScore of 9.

00 Number 7 in the list is Mini Metro In a world filled with Public Utility Transportation,it’s difficult to keep track of everything going on.

Rush hours prove to be a living hell.

Thankfully, the two-man developers of DinosaurPolo Club managed to solve this problem… well, not in real life though.

The challenge is to develop a fast, thrivingrailroad system across the city.

Create the biggest and the most adaptive designyou can make and watch the world connect themselves in a visually pleasing way.

Mini Metro’s charms come from its intuitivecontrols, minimalistic design and the simplicity of its mechanics.

It’s an easy break from all the pressuresof real life.

Take a time off and enjoy the living transitsystem you built.

An awesome subway simulator with a PlayScoreof 9.

01 Ranked 6th is SteamWorld Heist The game was originally released last 2015on the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s release on the iOS is a testament tohow exhilarating a space adventure it is.

This sequel to SteamWorld Dig lets you layas a captain of a steam-driven pirate crew! Gather a ragtag group of robots on a voyageto the far reaches of space.

The more recruits you gather, the better yourgroup abilities are.

So never forget to expand your crew and upgradetheir abilities in this grand space adventure.

SteamWorld Heist relies on its solid turn-basedshooting mechanics with a dose of sidescrolling gameplay.

It forces you to visualize the area, planyour attacks and make each turn count! Gain loots, collect rare items and defeatenemy robots along the way.

It has a PlayScore of 9.

05 Number 5 in this ranking of the best iOS gamesof 2016 is Bullet Hell Monday Bullet.



Three words that you don’t normally associatetogether.

In real life, it’s a nightmare; in a mobilegame, it’s more than just nightmare.

The title says it all! With more than 50 unforgiving stages to beat! The game’s difficulty is abnormally high.

So much so that it’s bound to test yourmobile reflexes and finger muscle strengths! Pilot a small spaceship across increasinglydifficult levels.

Clear missions, upgrade your ship and be thetop pilot in the whole world! If you think Undertale’s boss fights werehard, then you better try this game.

It’s one of the finest bullet hell gameson the App Store with a PlayScore of 9.

10 Fourth in the ranking is Dan The Man The developers of Fruit Ninja and JetpackJoyride give you an adventure worthy of your time.

This side-scrolling platformer takes homagefrom classic beat ‘em up games.

Run, jump, punch and kick your way throughvarious action-packed stages.

Travel with your girlfriend as you save theworld from an emerging evil organization.

You don’t have to immerse yourself in itsstory, just sink into its fluid combat.

Aside from the game’s side-scrolling adventure,players can also unlock new skins for playing in Survival Mode and Battle Mode.

Fight waves and waves of enemies and testyour mettle.

Can you make it until the end? Dan the Man has a PlayScore of 9.

14 Third in the list is Space Marshals 2 It’s rare to find a Western-themed mobilegame that’s more than just shooting.

Even rarer is when it’s mixed with sciencefiction.

Space Marshals 2 is a tactical top-down shooterthat lets players equip its space cowboys with a variety of stealth and shooting.

The clever balance between these two elementsmakes the game challenging.

You don’t always get to take all enemiesin an all out war, instead, use your stealth abilities to take them down.

The game is also presented with gorgeous 3Dtextures.

It has achievements, MFi controller supportand your progress is saved to iCloud.

With over 20 missions and glorious HD visuals,it’s either flank or be flanked.

Watch out for that high noon! It has a PlayScore of 9.

24 Number 2 is Severed For a game that really uses the tactile featureof smartphones, Drinkbox Studios made an exemplary job with Severed.

Originally a console game, it was later portedto the iOS.

In this game, your only best friend is yourfinger.

That sounded wrong but just take it literally.

As the title implies, you take control ofSasha, a one-armed warrior on a quest to find her family.

The story is set in a world of nightmaresand the monsters that lurks in the depths of our darkest dreams are so present.

Use your fingers to slice enemies to piecesor dodge attacks.

It’s intuitive touch controls paired withvibrant art style makes the game so much fun and exciting.

The difficulty progression will keep you onyour toe… Upgrades in skills and armours makes everythinga little bit easier.

Severed has a PlayScore of 9.


Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal thenumber one: Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game.

It’s 3-vs-3 rumble.

Build your own team of teeny fighters andtake on the world! Super Cat Tales.

It has that perfect ‘fun game’ recipe! Mysterious island.

Check! Platformer-slash-exploration.

Check! And cute cats! Check! Check! and Check! Super Stickman Golf 3.

As the third game of the series, it has moreof everything.

More levels, power ups, game modes, collectiblecards and a lot more! Rule with an Iron Fish.

It’s not just “Yarrr”.

Is to be the best fisher among all pirate captains! Expand your crew the catch the rarest creaturesthat ever swam! The Bug Butcher.

This is one fierce shooter.

Zap alien bugs and decontaminate the infestedfacility in Planet Zoit! Use every weapon in your arsenals from bulletsto lasers! Warbits.

Command your units and your enemies’ progress.

This mobile war simulator may look simplebut there’s a solid strategy game underneath the colorful visuals.

Egg, Inc.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To hatch eggs, of course! Ha! Build your own chicken farm in this crazymanagement game.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Pocket Edition.

The mobile port is just as amazing as theoriginal PC game.

Deliver the grand beatdown to the tune ofyour own music library.

Tennis Champs Returns.

A re-release of a classic Amiga game 20 yearsafter its original release.

Rise the ranks of the top tennis players inthe world! Imbroglio.

A labyrinth of gems and monsters, and yourgoal is to survive each and every one of them.

Pick a hero and jump in! And the whatoplay award for the best iOS gameof 2016 goes to….

Crashlands! There’s no denying it, for every iOS rankingswe published lately, Crashlands has consistently made it to the top.

Is it worth it? Of course it is.

This is a mobile game! Play as Flux Dabes, a space trucker who getsspace-shipwrecked in a mysterious and hostile planet.

It’s gameplay is grounded by four majorpillars: Craft, Build, Explore and Fight.

Craft the most powerful items to dominatethe planet; build a sustainable home for you to survive to planet’s nasty environment;explore procedurally-generated dungeons populated with monsters; and fight for your survival! It doesn’t end there, the constant streamof updates makes it more fun to play with.

Not to mention this game has a Cross-Savefeature! Crashlands has a PlayScore of 9.

49 and it’s oneof Whatoplay’s best iOS Games of 2016.

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