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See from a Distance with Magnifier on iPhone


– If I wanna zoom into my computer, it's just as easy astelling Siri, zoom in.

– [Siri] Okay, I turned on zoom.

– And now I can see what's on the screen.

The question is, how wouldyou do something like that in your everyday life? There's a feature I talk about in my iOS 10 accessibilityvideo called magnifier.

And I didn't talk too much on it, but I did talk about the premise, which is to kind of act as aminiature digital magnifier that's built right into your phone.

In the past, if I wantedto zoom into something using my phone, I'd berestricted to the camera app.

And the problem with that is, it doesn't have a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to zooming into things.

Apple noticed that a lot of people were using the camera app of their phones in order to see things that they struggled to seewith their bare eyes.

This could be menus, signs, mail, anything along those line that we try to read in everyday scenarios.

When iOS 10 came out, Appleintroduced the magnifier, which is a great feature to go beyond the limitation of the zoomthat's in the camera app and see things from amuch further distance, or zoom things in clearly.

And it has all these filters that are pretty common within CC TVsand other digital magnifiers for the blind and visually impaired.

But shortly after iOS 10 came out, Apple introduced thebrand new iPhone models, that being the 7 and 7 Plus.

And in the 7 Plus specifically, you have plus one extra camera.

The first lens is a standard lens that you'll find on any iPhone 7, and that's a wide angle 12 megapixel.

But the other lens is also a 12 megapixel, but made for telescopic images.

Unlike other phones, this means that this phone can optically zoom in, and not try to create adigital zoom with software.

In hindsight, what this means is that, when you zoom in, youhave a sharper image, and it's gonna just be clearer, especially for when you use the magnifier.

So here I have an iPhone 6SPlus and an iPhone 7 Plus, and we're gonna compare the two cameras, technically three, threecameras side by side, and see which one outperforms the other when it comes to the magnifier feature.

So let's get to that.

So, by enabling themagnifier from settings, and going under general, accessibility, magnifier, turning that on, you'll be able to tripletap the home button.

One, two, three.

And from here, you'll be able to use it.

I have the option of adjusting the filter, depending on what youreyes see better with, whether it's red andblack, or yellow and black, yellow and blue, whatever.

I'm just gonna keep it at the standard, just for this demonstration.

On my left, we have the iPhone 6S Plus, and on my right we have the iPhone 7 Plus.

So side by side, we're gonna zoom in.

And we're not quite focused yet.

And then from here, you can kinda see side by side differences.

I am seeing a little bit of a difference on the 7 Plus, making it a little clearer for me to read thatline that says Z, S, D.

It's just the fact that I'mable to see something like that when, looking up, I can'teven see the first row.

But, obviously it says N, C, K.

Just with my naked eye, Ican not even make that out.

Another tip I recommend is to use the zoom that's built in, just like on the Mac, but universally on iOS, and zoom in closer if you need to try and identify something.

So, doing this allowsme to try to make out the fact that that says N, V, P.

Something I would not have made out.

That's as far as my vision'sgonna see from this distance.

What else you can do, though, is you can take a little snapshot.

It'll try to take thebest focus as possible.

You can't actually save this unless you screenshot this.

But from here you can just kinda zoom in.

Very pixelated at this point but, again, just being able to zoomin from this distance, turn something as small as this into actually readableis pretty incredible.

In conclusion, I foundthat the iPhone 7 Plus was easier to see and was just creating a sharper image for my eyes.

No matter what your vision acuity is, whether or not you'resighted, it doesn't matter.

This is a feature that canbe used no matter what, cause we are humans.

Our eyes are no perfect,even at 20/20 vision.

So being able to just seesomething from a distance, or see greater detail up close.

This is a great feature for that, and I just use it every day, I do.

And I'm very thankful for it.

Thank you guys so much forchecking out this video.

Leave a comment down below to let me know what apps or what features you use to help you see when youdon't quite have access to whatever it is you're trying to make out.

If you just, you know,don't have sight in general, what apps do you use? Voiceover, TapTapSee,let me know, I'm curious.

I'll see you guys next timewith a brand new video.

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