Hey what's up! Edgar Antillon here doing another bonus video.

Typically I do videos on Thursdays but I had an interesting conversation with my T-mobile lady and unfortunately it's an email so I'm just going to show you screenshots but all kind of narrate it.

But here is my conversation with my T-mobile lady.

So here's the first email I received from the T-mobile lady.

It's basically a very generic email telling me that she's introducing herself to myself and that she's a T-mobile account representative, and that she's now handling my business account and that my account just came by her desk.

Which is not true.

Which is why I replied this way.

I had to remind her that we have talked, to that we've emailed often.

We've actually talked on the phone and that my account did in fact just cross your desk because she's even help me change plans before.

So I explained to her how this actually hurt my feelings.

It really, really hurt my feelings.

So I thought I'd email her and let her know how she was making me feel.

So of course she replies and she tells me that there's a new platform and that she hasn't forgotten me.

That I am memorable and she just wanted to reach out and let us know about changes.

Which to this day I don't think it's true.

I think it's just a generic email was sent out but anyways she reached out almost immediately the let me know that I wasn't indeed memorable.

So I had to follow it up with an epic email.

So I sent her a link to a YouTube video and upon clicking that link it would send her to 98 degrees "Invisible Man" I was thinking about putting this in the video but I don't want to do the whole copyright thing and have my video taken down.

So if you know that video 90-degree you know what I'm talking about the " Invisible Man".

For those of you that don't know what the hell I'm talking about cheesy ass, mother fucking song.

Go down to the comments and I'll put it down.

I'm sorry not the comments.

I mean the description.

I'll put it down on the description.

I'll add a link there.

But I sent her a link to 90 degrees "Invisible Man".

So shortly thereafter that she sends me another email and explains that she could never forget who I was and that this whole email conversation was hilarious to her and that it made her day.

So obviously I responded back one with I"m glad that it did.

That was kinda the whole point, of this whole thing is just to to make it a fun day and she replied back with an absolutely EPIC.

EPIC email and she also sent me a Youtube link.

The youtube link that she sent me was 98 degrees – "Because of You" So and that shit made me laugh! It was absolutely hilarious.

It was an absolute epic epic way and end this whole email conversation.

But anyways it's kind of silly thing.

I want to share with you guys Nothing too special.

But it was fun.

It was crazy! I had fun with that.

I hope you guys had fun with.

So anyways that was hilarious! It kind of made my day on Friday she said it made her day.

It was something amazing it was awesome have fun with it I had to share with you guys.

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