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Phone Videography: Three Accessories to Help Improve Your Production Value


Hi everyone.

We live in a cool time, becauseyou’re phone, as long as it’s not from like.

2004, is actually a really good startingcamera.

And today, we're going to talk about three accessories that will help improve yourphone videography.

First up, the mini-tripod.

This thing is sohandy.

To use, It’s as simple as putting your phone in this clamp, and screwing itin.

These phone tripods are great for getting steady, static shots.

I use it when I wantto set up a time lapse video, record myself talking, or just record what’s happeningaround me.

They come in different styles and price points,but they basically all do the same thing.

Personally, I like the ones with the flexiblelegs that allow me to set up the shot exactly how I want it.

The second accessory is the detachable lens.

These things are cool.

Although the standard lens is arguably very good, having these otherlenses can give you some extra shooting options.

In different filming situations, you mightwant different lens options.

Let me explain: this accessory has a macro lens on one sideand a fish eye lens on the other.

So if I use the macro lens, I can get closer to anysubject and with much better detail than the standard iPhone lens.

Similarly, if I putthe fish eye lens on, I get a much wider and wilder frame than what the standard lens wouldever give me.

It’s all about what you want for your shot.

And just like the tripods, these lenses comein all types, sizes, and price points.

You can really get some high quality glass.

The 3rd and final accessory is a portablecharging stick.

If you’re going to be using your phone asa primary camera, it’s going to drain the battery quickly.

So extra batteries are essential.

You don’t have to time plug it into an outlet.

You could buy a bunch of battery cases, butthat’s not exactly cheap.

I mean it's $100 bucks for this beauty.

I suggest getting afew of these guys.

They're about $10 bucks a piece.

They're not perfect, especially sincethey connects by cord, but they're still pretty practical, and definitely more affordable.

What I normally do is make sure my iPhoneis fully charged at the start of the day, bring a few extra charging sticks in my bag.

Then when the phone is drained, I plug in one of the sticks until the phone recharges,and then repeat the process.

So those are my 3 go-to accessories wheneverI film with my phone.

Very simple to use, fairly cheap, and allof them are very portable.

Let me know in the comments below what yourfavorite accessories are.

These are 3 of my favorite, but certainly not the only onesthat improve phone videography.

I'll see you later and thanks for watching.

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