(How to Prank iPhones) Hey Guys! This is a quickly video just to teach you how to prank a friend's iPhone It is VERY easy: I will leave a link in the description.

It is a video.

You copy this link, share with your friend and.



22 years old and I still not knowing how to talk.

You copy this link, share with your friend and ask him to watch this video Then his iPhone will freeze.

It is serious.

And this video is not even my video that I am asking to share! Maybe you will need to wait some seconds but it will freeze.

The buttons won't work, the screen won't work.

and that is it.

It is that simple! But after you.

oh man, I am shooting without the microphone.

(did you noticed the difference?)But after u prank your friend, teach him how to fix it! You just need to hold the home and power button until the phone restart.

For those who have the iPhone 7, hold the volume down and the power button.

Then everything will be good.

Enjoy it, because soon Apple will fix this and will release an update.

But now, it is working from iOS 5 to iOS 10! So that is all guys.

I hope you have fun and solemnly swear that you are up to no good!! Share this video.

yeah, THIS video.

MY video.

with your friends that have an Android to let them enjoy this prank I see you next.


Source: Youtube