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Meizu Pro 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 5X: Compare Flagship and Mid-Range Phones


Hi guys! This is Tech Brothers Yesterday Meizu and Xiaomi released its new smartphones Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi Mi 5X The first one is flagship smartphone with powerful processor, great cameras, and unique feature – the second display on the rear panel

Xiaomi Mi 5X is younger version of flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 with the same dual rear camera, but more less performance However, we decided to compare both smartphones, and find out can Xiaomi Mi 5X offer strong competition to Meizu Pro 7 As for the design, Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi Mi 5X both get all-metal unibody Xiaomi has approached its Mi 5X with a more straightforward design, like iPhone 7 Plus Meizu Pro 7, on the other hand, gets a slightly unique design, which should attract people well However, both smartphones looks very good

The main feature of Meizu Pro 7 is the secondary display on the back Xiaomi Mi 5X is equipped with 55-inch Full HD display Meizu Pro 7 has two displays, one of each at the front, and another on the back At the front Meizu Pro 7 has 5

2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display It means that you get deeper blacks, saturated colors, and since the display size is comparatively smaller, you get higher pixel density The second screen has diagonal of 19 inches, and pixel density 307 PPI Meizu Pro 7 is powered by MediaTek Helio X30 processor or MediaTek Helio P25

Xiaomi Mi 5X works on Snapdragon 625 Helio X30 processor is built on 10nm process node, which among many other things makes it more power-efficient than Snapdragon 625, which is based on 14nm node Also, Helio X30 is more powerful, which makes Meizu Pro 7 a better choice at least on paper Real life performance may vary, as it depends on different things, such as software optimizations and others Meizu Pro 7 comes with 4GB of RAM

Also, the smartphone is available in two storage versions: 64GB or 128GB Xiaomi Mi 5X, on the other hand, features 4GB of RAM and 32GB of native storage And again, Meizu smartphone looks more attractive Both Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi Mi 5X works on Android 70 Nougat, out-of-the-box

In fact, to be precise, Xiaomi Mi 5X boots Android 712 Nougat But software entirely depends on your preferences For instance, Xiaomi Mi 5X comes with heavily skinned MIUI 9

Many people like it, but others – don’t Flyme 6 OS on Meizu Pro 7 is also skinned, but not as much as MIUI9 It’s fairly light, and offers a bunch of useful features Camera is the most interesting part of our comparison Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi Mi 5X have dual cameras on the back

While Xiaomi smartphone gets iPhone 7 Plus-like telephoto lens with optical zoom capability, Meizu device boasts Huawei P10-like setup which captures images in RGB and monochrome, to result in sharper images As for the specs, Meizu Pro 7 boasts dual 12 megapixel PDAF camera, along with dual-tone LED flash We are looking at 16 megapixel shooter at the front panel Xiaomi Mi 5X, on the other hand, also gets 12 megapixel dual camera on the back with 16 megapixel front camera Meizu Pro 7 is backed by 3000mAh battery, and comes with, fast charging support, mCharge 4

0 Xiaomi Mi 5X uses 3080mAh battery Meizu Pro 7 has a price tag of about $425 for the base version, and about $500 for top model Xiaomi Mi 5X costs about $220 As you can see, there’s a significant price difference between both smartphones And, to be honest, comparing these two devices isn’t entirely fair, since one of them is flagship smartphone, while the other is mid-range device

However, both smartphones have pretty decent specifications, and great cameras If you don’t need really powerful smartphone, than you can get Xiaomi Mi 5X with its great dual rear camera Thanks for watching! Under the video, you can find useful information, and links where to buy smartphones cheaper Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers