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iblazr Case – Superpower Your iPhone!


We’ve challenged ourselves to create thebest iPhone case possible A case that’s functional, stylish and useful for everyone.

That’s how we came up with the iblazr case,the case that superpowers your iPhone.

Utilizing a minimalist design, the case’sLEDs sync automatically thanks to new iblazr lightcatch technology.

All you need to do is simply put your iPhoneinside.

The combination of 40 high-power LEDs andoptical diffuser produces a powerful, evenly spread light that will take your creationsto the next level.

The case can be synced automatically withany app and gives invaluable enhancement to your iPhone’s flash, cover photo, videoand even live streams.

With an intense light beam, the iblazr caseworks great as a bright flashlight and has a large battery to provide extensive powerfor your phone in any situation.

We've also developed a Shotlight app, formanual temperature control and light intensity regulation at your fingertips.

Backside phone notifications are also providedfor easy and efficient accessibility.

The inner layer of the case hides a metalplate to diversify your phone positioning methods.

Reveal the hidden potential of your smartphone with iblazr case.

Source: Youtube