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How to Root the LG G5


– Hey guys, it's Davidfrom TheUnlockr.

Com, and today I'm gonna showyou how you can root and get a custom recovery andbegin flashing custom ROMs on your LG G5.

(hip hop music) 'Kay, so first so thiscould void your warranty.

We're not responsible for anyof that, blah, blah, blah.

You also need a Windows PC to do this because the program that we'regonna use to flash the phone is actually a Windows program.

Now you should have donemy setup ADB tutorial first to get ADB set up.

If you haven't click the linkthere to be taken to that.

It takes two seconds, finish that, and then we can come back to this one.

Now keep in mind, this isgoing to erase everything, so make sure that you back everything up that you might need.

You're going to need amicro SD card for this, so please make sure that youhave one before beginning.

Now at the time we're writing this, this only works on the T-Mobile version and the European version.

So if you have one of thosetwo, you can continue.

I have a T-Mobile version so I'm gonna show you how to do that.

You can also click the link below to be taken to the written article which will show you how to dothe European version as well.

Now for the T-Mobile versionwe're gonna need some files.

So click on the link here tobe taken to this page on XDA.

We're going to then download all of these that you can see here, and thensave those to your desktop.

So the DM-verify program, forsome reason the link this page is not working so justclick the link on my site.

I've put it there instead.

Once all those are downloaded, we're going to double click the LG Up and install that on the PC.

Then the drivers and install those.

And then the DLL and install that as well.

Once all that's installedwe can go to the phone.

We're gonna go to Settings.

Go to General, scroll allthe way down to About phone, then go to Software info.

Then we're gonna keep tapping Build number until it tells you you are a developer.

You can then click back, back again.

Go to Developer options.

Hit OK, Don't show this again, and we're gonna turn on OEM unlock.

Hit Enable, turn on USBdebugging, and hit OK.

When you do that andthe phone is plugged in it's gonna pop up this, sayAlways allow and hit OK.

Then on the computer we'regonna go to our C drive and our ADB folder thatshould have appeared from you doing my how toset up ADB tutorial earlier, and then we can rightclick anywhere that's blank while holding shift, to hitOpen command window here.

Once that command window's open, we're gonna type ADB devices and make sure that itshows us a serial number, which means it can see the phone.

Then we're gonna typeadb reboot bootloader, and wait for the device toreboot into bootloader mode.

Then we can type fastbootoem unlock, and hit enter.

Then in the command windowwe can type fastboot reboot to get it to reboot.

Once it does, we're gonnahold the power button and turn it off, then we'regonna pull out the battery.

So push the button atthe top, pull that out, and leave it out for a littlebit and then put it back in.

Once we do that, we're goingto hold the volume up button and then plug the phone in while continuing to hold the volume up until it gives us the download mode.

After that we're gonna rightclick the LG Up program and say open as administrator.

Then we can click on the device that should be highlightedin pink at the top and choose Update.

Then we can click in this bottom table and click the three dotbutton and select the TOT file that we extracted earlier.

After that we can click Startand wait for it to flash.

After it's done doing thatwe are going to mount it so that we can actuallytransfer files to the phone and we're gonna grab theno-verify.

Zip and the superSU.

Zip and we're going to putthem on the micro SD card.

Not on the internal storage,on the micro SD card, and not inside anyfolder, just right there on the root of the storage.

After that we can turn the phone off.

And we're gonna turn it back on by holding down power and volume down until we see the LG logo.

As soon as you do, let goof power, push it again, while continuing to hold volume down.

You'll then get this warning.

Push volume down to select yes and push power to actually select it.

Do that twice and you'll be presented with the custom recovery.

We're gonna click Cancel on this, then Swipe to Allow Modifications.

Then we can tap Install.

We're gonna do SelectStorage, Micro SD, hit OK.

And now we're gonna tap the no-verify.

Swipe to Flash, wait for that.

Once that's done we can hit back and now do the samething to the superSU.

Zip And wait for that to flash.

Once that's done we can hit Reboot System, wait for the device toreboot, and when it does, you should see SuperSU on here.

You're now rooted, have a custom recovery, and you're all set.

There you go, guys.

You're all set, you're rooted,you can flash custom ROMs.

You can actually click the link below and I show you a video onhow to do that exactly.

Also have a ROM repository on my site where you can find allsorts of ROMs for the LG G5, even with ratings and a wholebunch of other features.

You can click the link below for that.

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