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Honor 9 vs Xiaomi Mi6: Affordable High-End Flagships Battle


Hi guys! Some days ago Huawei released its new smartphone Honor 9 So, we decide to make the battle of affordable high-end smartphones: Honor 9 and Xiaomi Mi6 In this video we will be comparing the features of each phones and help you to determine, which option is best for you

In description, below the video, you can find useful information about smartphones, and links where to buy cheaper In terms of design, both smartphones share very similar Front and back panels are covered with glass and metal rim on the sides Both devices are very slim and the sizes are almost the same However, Honor 9 is superlight with only 158 gram, and Xiaomi Mi6 weights 168 gram

Xiaomi Mi 6 is available in four body color options: Black, Blue, White, and Ceramic Black; while Honor 9 is available in: Sea Blue, Amber Gold, Black, Seagull Gray The smartphones come with IPS LCD screen and 25D Corning Gorilla Glass The size of both screens are 515 inches and resolution 1080p Full HD

In terms of display quality, we think that Honor 9 has more accurate details However, Xiaomi Mi 6 should not disappoint you with balance of vibrancy, sharpness and color reproduction Also, we need to say that Xiaomi Mi 6 have removed 35mm jack for headphones, while Honor 9 offers this feature Xiaomi Mi6 is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor

Also, it has 6GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal storage On other hand, Honor 9 comes in two variants: 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, or 64GB or 128GB storage and 6 GB RAM Honor 9 offers external microSD expansion, supporting up to 256GB, however, Xiaomi Mi6 does not support storage expansion slots Also, Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with 3350 mAh battery and Honor 9 with 3200mAh, both of which are non-removable The hardware of both smartphones is very similar

Both of them are powered with very powerful processors However, benchmarks shows that Snapdragon 835 is more powerful in integer performance (completing simple tasks, eg web browsing) Honor 9 offers more choice in models with internal storage, as well as MicroSD expansion

Xiaomi Mi 6 theoretically will last longer with a larger battery size You can find detailed specs of cameras in description, under the video We have not opportunity to test out each smartphone side by side to provide honest opinion On paper, both smartphones show great features, and the smartphone will depend on whether, you would prefer better, contrast pictures from Honor 9, due to the monochrome sensor, or better zoom, and wide aspect photos from Xiaomi Mi 6 Honor 9 and Xiaomi Mi6 works on Android 7 with own user interfaces, EMUI 5

1 and MIUI 80, respectively Our opinion, Xiaomi Mi 6 wins, because MIUI provides stable updates on a regular basis As for EMUI 5, we haven’t used it yet to judge how good it is Xiaomi MI6 is already on sale from April 2017

The basic version costs about $367 The price of premium Ceramic version is much higher, about $600 Honor 9 will be available on sale in some days The model with 4GB of RAM will cost $338, and version with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, costs $397 The most powerful model with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage will sell for $441

If you are already fans of either Xiaomi or Huawei, the choice will be rather simple, as both phone provide very similar specifications Xiaomi Mi6 is the best choice, if you prefer a smartphone with different build material, highest capacity battery, quality screen, regular Android-based MIUI updates, connectivity with other Xiaomi smart-home products and low prices Honor 9 may be a better choice, if you need 35 mm headphone jack, powerful processor, and better contrast photos Yes, 3

5mm headphone jack could be a big advantage for Honor 9 Write in comments under the video, which smartphone would you like to buy Thanks for watching! In description, below the video, you can find useful information about smartphones, and links where to buy cheaper Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers