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Best Android Games Of January 2017 – [MUST HAVE]


Hi guys it's KaushdroidAnd this is the Top Best Games For Android of January 2017! So The first Game is "One More Bounce".

Basically You have to survive the characterby making lines till the finishing point.

This is so addictive and trust meYou can play this game for hours without getting bored.

The next game on the list is "Impossible Charge".

In this game you have to hold and make thecharge upto the given number.

This game is also so addictive and fun toplay.

Moving on to the next game and that is "D.




You have to make sure that the disk goes throughthe correct colour.

You can switch the disk lanes by touchingthe screen.

And the disks goes fast that's why it is bittough to play But this will surely help you to waste yourtime.

The next game is "Spiral Tower".

In this game you have to Touch and hold toroll up the cube and release to stop.

You also have to Move fast, don't let the stairs get youor you'll fall! This game is awesome in long term gaming asit features 50 Missions to complete and more than 40 cubes to unlock! So Now the last game is "Fast Like A Fox".

This game is a bit same like Vector.

It's a normal game you just have to run jumpand collect coins.

But still graphics are good and it's fun toplay.

So that's my choice of the best games of January2017.

If you got more awesome gamesPlease share them in the comment box below.

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And as always do a KaushDroid on an Android.

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