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Battery Life Review of Samsung Galaxy S8


hey guys I'm back with a brand new video and this has been requested time and time again the battery life review of the samsung galaxy estate and the S8 plus so um this is the initial test I mean the software is not you can say the final because something has yet to release patch and here are the results from getting five hours and 50 minutes 46 seconds usage on the samsung galaxy s 8 verses seven hours and seven minute and 38 second usage on d samsung galaxy s 8 plus that is quite high because i never expected the battery to be that good on these two phones because they have large quad HD displays but smaller batteries so join by testing i had the Wi-Fi enabled on blood devices almost all the time and also i was playing with the camera you guys have seen some camera footage on the channel I've captured a lot of photos a lot of videos using these two phones so i was trying out that and i was also playing games watching youtube videos and basically testing them out to the limit you can see the battery percentage goes down to five percent on THe samsung galaxy s 8 plus like completely you know I wanted to see the best time that I will get to know the screen on time and here i got the battery down to four percent and I was close to six hours again I had the Wi-Fi enabled on both devices pretty much all the time and the brightness also to the maximum level a bit of a detailed stats here GDS enereas 12-person I played this game a lot on my 8 plus in my testing and scores because he's screen and camera taking 51-14 person so a lot of people are concerned when Samsung analyses two devices like I mean the battery would be bad and all that stuff but it is actually pretty good so you can expect the battery life of the galaxy SI to be around the same as the galaxy s7 edge and the SI plus is like two hours more usage ahead of the galaxy s7 edge surprise and the big display is not the only great thing about the SS plus the battery life is also pretty dope also I haven't changed any setting on these devices as far as the resolution is concerned so it was on default so go into setting display and going into screen resolution you can see that i have it on full HD Plus and really you don't need quad HD+ unless you are you know watching YouTube videos or movies on your device then you can you know use it and take full advantage of the display but normally for a few plus is great and absolute great for saving up the battery and this is a pretty pretty interesting and a pretty nice software edition from Samsung because this is a game changer like in the future Samsung introduced like a 4k display with the Galaxy Note 8 and with the ability to change the screen resolution from 4k to call a cheerful as you're even 720p you should be able to get great battery life even with a 4k display note 8 phone so yeah these are the early testing you can say because of the software as you may know or may not know it is not the official or like the final software running your samsung has yet to release the farmers on sammobile calm so these are the software that are you know running when I first you know booted them up so since I haven't seen any software or get on these two devices so thank you so much for watching this video I hope this will give you an idea of what to expect from the galaxy s7 DSF + battery why so and tank the Lord the devices have fast charging spore so you should be able to charge them from zero to hundred in about one hour and 24 30 minutes yeah almost that time so yeah see you guys in the next one.

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